Thursday, September 6, 2007

Trinity Rescue Kit Step by Step How to

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Anonymous said...

Heya. Thanks for doing this. I ran the option 6 as you suggested to do the auto virus scans, and it got most of the way through the first scan (clamAV), and it quit before it was done (terminated, it said.) it said it found viruses and that i would be promted to delete them, but I never was. I am familiar enough with the way linux works to navigate to the .tar file that held the infected files, and deleted them, but i doubt most people would be able to do that.

i don't think it ever managed to get to any of the other three AV scans. and When I follow your tutorial to manually run each scan, e.g., runnning f-prot by typing "virusscan -a fprot" as you suggested, it downloads the definitions file and then quits, saying ./f-prot: no such file or directory.

Secure411 said...

Thanks for sharing your experience. I have seen the same error on some machines, yet others don't have the error. I see that this has been reported to TrinityHome forums today and will post the solution here when it appears there.

If you share the model of your machine as well as info about the RAM, hard drives, CPU, OS, etc it may be helpful to others in the future.

I will add a link to the Errors and Troubleshooting section linking to info on the updatetrk command - if you are adventurous you may wish to try that.