Friday, September 14, 2007

Step by Step TRK 3.3 beta build 299

Please comment here but use the redesigned site for reading:

A new version of Trinity Rescue Kit has been released with an additional malware removal engine, and a fix for the Fprot engine.

Right now the Trinity Home site seems overwhelmed with connections, possibly due to the new version being out. We will finish this post tomorrow after their site is fortified and we can get the download link again to paste for you.

Directions for the new version remain the same, except for the addition of

virusscan -a va

Then press the ENTER key.


virusscan -a fprot

Then press the ENTER key.

Wait around after starting it with fprot because you will need to type in your name and email address to get the fprot download, although no confirmation to the email is needed at this time.

You can also cause multiple engines to run one after the other by typing:

virusscan -a va,fprot,bde,avg

Then press the ENTER key.

However we haven't tested yet whether you will still need to be there to hit enter, agree to defaults, type in your name and email address etc as certain scanning engines get downloaded and installed. The other downside is that some computers w/o a lot of RAM may need to be rebooted between the running of each separate scanning engine. I have seen out of memory errors when running one of the scanners after another had completed - but it ran fine if I rebooted and then ran only one at a time between reboots.

Beta build 299 version 3.3 booted w/o problem to the default on an AMD 64 Athlon GIGABYTE mboard a few years old also.

Troubleshooting and Errors:

If TRK doesn't finish booting or has an error about an unstable clocksource, restart your computer and try each of the "Alternate boot" options on the TRK boot menu. Acer Aspire 5100 only worked with the 2nd Alternate boot choice.

We are providing this walk through of our experience with the beta build 299 "3.3" version.

Booted to TRK menu and selected the run from RAM option. Some white text on black background flew by, then a very long pause just after

TRK 3.3. found in /dev/hdb, copy files in memory, eject CD later

was seen at the bottom of the screen. Was about to give up and thought the computer was hung, but then it said:

Clocksourc tsc unstable (delta = [a really big number] ms)
Time: acpi_pm clocksource has been installed.

Now again there's an extremely long pause.

Tried ctrl-c and ctrl-alt-del to reboot. Saw a variety of errors as TRK continued to do stuff. Used the power button to restart. (This is on an Acer Aspire 5100 laptop.)

Rebooted to default TRK startup, again a long pause once it reaches

TRK 3.3. found in /dev/hdb, attaching additional files

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